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Spicy food on a cold winter day is great



On these cold winter days a meal at Curry Masala’s the East Indian restaurant on W. Main Street is pure joy. Nearly all of the food is hot and spicy, and if you want it even spicier the owner has a box next to the counter of even hotter spice.

Well, it was one of those miserable days last week that Grouchy decided to take a guest by Curry Masala’s to see Al Rodriquez, the owner, and have some hot and spicy vegetables over rice. It seems strange to see a guy named Rodriquez running an East India restaurant, but Al assured Grouchy that the name is quite common in India.

Grouchy decided to try the Vegetable Curry, and in this case the meal came with kidney beans, and the guest tried the Vegetable Cauliflower Curry and it was just a bit spicier than the kidney beans.

There is a very wide selection of hot meals at Curry Masala’s. And Al often has specials that fit right in with the Indian cuisine. Surprisingly the cost of the meals is quite nominal. For the meals Grouchy and guest had last week the total cost, including drinks, came to $14.00 and both meals were totally filling and adequate.

If you are tired of Mac- Donald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s and are looking for something good and different, you have got to stop in at Curry Masala’s. Too often some of us are afraid to experiment with food from different countries, but there has to be a little adventure in life.

Every Native American that served in the military and has traveled to foreign countries knows exactly what we mean. Most have had food in Germany, Japan, China, the Philippines, and those are just a few of the more exotic countries Native American military personnel have had the pleasure of visiting.

So you can include Curry Masala’s on your list of places where you should dine. And say hello to Al when you are there. He loves his customers and he has a wonderful sense of humor.

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