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Supreme Court is running for cover

Supreme Court is running for cover


The U. S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the Nation. It appears that this august body just sprang a leak.

The leak about a prospective abortion bill that would abolish abortion has set the court on its heels. All of the judges are now looking for a place to hide.

What is more the members of the court itself are being scrutinized about telling lies. Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Neil M. Gorsuch are now facing inquiries about whether they lied at their hearings leading to their acceptance on the Supreme Court. When asked about abortion all three said that abortion was set in the law and they would respect that.

This was the major sniff test they had to pass in order to be nominated to the court. Did they lie in order to gain the nomination? More will be coming out on this over the next few weeks.

Most women in America are very angry about where this court is taking the Nation. The Republicans who have been pushing such a Bill are strangely very quiet now and the Democrats see this as a big opportunity to increase their numbers in the House and Senate in the next elections.

Like most Americans we believe that choosing an abortion is the right of the woman to decide. No court should be able to make choices of health for any woman. And any woman can tell you that there are health risks in any pregnancy. And what about cases of a pregnancy brought about by rape or incest? Should that woman be forced to bear that child?

Women control about 50 percent of the vote and if pushed to get out and vote over this proposed ban on abortion they have the power to overturn it. And according to the latest news women are beginning to organize against the expected court decision now and the organizing will only grow. Watch for it.

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