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The blizzard-like weather didn’t keep Grouchy from Chuck E Cheese



Due to inclement weather in South Dakota this weekend, Grouchy took the little ones to Chuck E Cheese to run off some energy. The place was full of kids which I was kind of looking forward to on a Saturday afternoon. When you walk in one of the staff members stamps everyone in your party’s hand with a glow in the dark stamp. This is a great idea so nobody can walk out with your child unless you have the matching stamp.

The line to order food was a little long so we decided to play games. Back in the day Grouchy was used to getting tokens to play the games. Now days they have a card that is refillable and scans to most of the games. Instead of playing any games Grouchy’s young guest went straight to the slide, which I wish I would have known was so fun before I purchased the card.

We were going to order a pizza, but Grouchy decided to get the salad bar instead. It looked very fresh and had a great selection of different choices. The little one had an individual pepperoni pizza with a kid drink. The endless salad bar was good and I actually went back for seconds. It took a while for the pizza to come, but for some reason I expected that because of the high volumes of birthday parties that were taking place. Grouchy tested the pizza it was ok kind of dry, and tasted like it had just been taken out of the freezer, but the little one seemed to enjoy it. The total price was $22.63 the salad bar came up to $8.29 which was a little spendy.

Chuck E Cheese came out, he sang and danced and handed out tickets. The kids loved it and followed him around everywhere he went. Food was bearable, but the entertainment was great! Grouchy” young guest got some stickers and a whistle with the tickets won from playing the games. We were leaving and the stamp on the hands were checked to make sure they matched. Grouchy’s little guest fell asleep on the ride home.

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