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The burgers at the new restaurant seemed a bit pricey

Grouchy ventures off of the beaten path at times to find new and different places to eat. And so last week while driving down the street in South Rapid, Grouchy spotted a place called Fairmont Diner. Why not give it a try?

With a hungry guest in tow Grouchy checked it out. The place was new had plenty of nice, clean tables, and after Grouchy and guest were seated the service was very good.

A lady who appeared to be the owner was standing behind the counter wearing an apron and she came around the restaurant with a dust mop cleaning around the tables and when Grouchy’s guest sneezed, she shouted, “God Bless You.”

Grouchy ordered a mushroom, Swiss burger while the guest ordered a plain hamburger. The guest opened the burger to see what ingredients had been added to the burger and decided she would like a little mayonnaise on hers. She asked the waitress to bring some mayonnaise, please. She promptly brought a very tiny paper cup with about a table spoon of mayonnaise in it.

The burger meat in both burgers was not formed into patties, but looked like it had been shredded and then put on the buns. Oh well, the burgers tasted pretty good.

The surprise came when the bill arrived. The total cost of two burgers and two drinks came to $28.22 with tax. Ouch. As Grouchy’s guest scanned the receipt she noticed that they had been charged $1.09 for the tiny paper cup of a table spoon of mayonnaise. Say what?

We understand that it is tough getting started in the restaurant business, but charging $2.39 for a soda and $2.39 for an iced tea meant that each burger cost $11.72.

Grouchy felt bad about having to write this because the folks running the new restaurant seemed to be really good people. Grouchy believes they can do much better on the pricing because not everyone likes to pay $11.72 for a hamburger.

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