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The Captain can get some cold cuts, bread and chips

To the Editor,

Enclosed is a check for $125 for another years subscription at the elderly rate and whatever is left over is for you all to have a little lunch or snacks. With the warm weather, maybe the Captain can get some cold cuts, bread and chips.

I thank Tunkasila that after all these years I got ahold of these pages you all write so I can read about all my relatives and feel maybe I can be a small part of their lives in this life that surrounds me so far away.

I enjoyed seeing another picture of Mario Gonzalez and his family in “The way it was.” Never got to see a lot of Mario and I was unsure of how many kids he had. The last time I saw him was before I got arrested in 2006, when I was invited to his parents 60th Wedding Anniversary. They had a nice hall rented and I had fun dancing with Mario’s wife to some kind of Potato Dance and I won a nice beaded key chain.

Mario’s mom Geneva was my mom’s older sister. Gabriel and Geneva were an institution unto themselves in Rapid City and loved by many. Out of their family I was closest to Leonard and spent a lot of quality time with him when I was in my late teens. He took me and my brother Duane under his wing for a time.

If you would be so kind please tell Mario I said hello and that I very felt hurt for his brother John’s loss of his daughter. Jon Jon was younger than me and he had a special place in my heart as he did in all who had the pleasure of knowing him. I was always happy to hear about good things happening in his life, his love, his marriage and children and all the good things in his life many of which I never enjoyed as I never married and had children.

A large part of my loss was due to injustices in South Dakota courts, you will hear about many if these injustices, such as the 10 years I’m doing for allegedly breaking into my own house. Sad but true and I have all the documented proof to verify my claims as the truth.

I have that, as well as many, many stories about life here in S.D.S.P. I hope and pray you will see them and allow me to be a guest correspondent and print these stories. Possibly a short series titled “You know what hurts.” I believe you will be blown away by them and others will too, all of it, the absolute truth.

Before I pass on, I hope to donate my tribal land for an alcohol and drug recovery center named after my grandparents.

Doksa Ake’

Jesse Claude Tiedman

Unlawfully detained prisoner

Sioux Falls, SD


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