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The End Zone 

The End Zone

 Glen Foster, defensive end,- dies while in police custody

By: Kirk A. Dickerson

Native Sun News Correspondent


After the end of the season, you may notice a frequency of roster moves or contract negotiations. Arizona QB Tyler Murray is no exception.

Murray not only wants to win the Super Bowl which is being hosted in Arizona for 2023, he sent a new contract proposal. After his third successful season, he desires the Cardinals to extend his contract. Currently, Murray is scheduled to make $5.4 million dollars this year in 2022. He receives a base salary of $965,000 and a $4.5 million dollar roster bonus fully guaranteed on his fifth year. Murray desires to get paid into his third year like Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz to name a few. Former Offensive Coordinator for the Niners, Broncos and Eagles Rick Scangerello went to the college ranks for work. He joined the Kentucky Wildcats as their Offensive Coordinator reaching a 3-year deal. Former Chicago Bears Coach Matt Nagy returns as Senior Assistant and Quarterbacks Coach to the Chiefs. Nagy was Offensive Coordinator for the Chiefs from 2013-2017, ending with Patrick Mahomes as a Rookie. Speaking of the Chiefs, staying put in his position is Eric Bienemy as Offensive Coordinator. There was much speculation in the past few weeks about Bienemy as to why he did not get a selection for a Head Coaching position.

With expansion in the mind of the league plans, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will kick off the season in Munich, Germany against the Green Bay Packers. Also, the New Orleans Saints are designated as a home team along with the Jacksonville Jaguars in London to include the Arizona Cardinals will host in Mexico City. Still stewing is Packers QB Aaron Rodgers who for the second year has not made up his mind to stay in Green Bay next season. Rodgers is seeking to be the highest-paid quarterback in the league at $50 million per year. “Who needs to solidify their team are the Saints,” noticed the Captain, with the restructuring of Michael Thomas’ contract. They did just that as the Saints are over $75 million in salary cap space. It appears they will move $28 million in cap space to cover his new contract.

Condolences to the family of former Chargers star RB Lionel “Little Train” James who passed away at 59 from a lengthy illness. James, a former star that shared the backfield with Bo Jackson at Auburn. At only 5′ 6″ James led the NFL in All-Purpose yards with 2,535 in 1985. Another former NFL great DE Glen Foster of the New Orleans Saints dies in police custody in Alabama. Currently, it has been three months since the incident and the family has not received any answers. There still aren’t any autopsy or incidents reports. Not even an explanation or statement from the Sheriff’s Office who transported him when he died. With the department just stating that he was unresponsive on his way to a Perkins County hospital for a mental evaluation. Alabama State Bureau of Investigations is now looking into the matter.

Timing could have not been better for these incidents as former forty-Niners QB Colin Kaepernick launches his “Know Your Rights Camps. These camps offer free secondary autopsies to family members whose love ones who deaths were police related. “We know that prison industrial complexes, which includes police and policing, strive to protect and serve its interest at all costs,” stated Kaepernick. There is as board certified Forensic Pathologist who perform autopsies and disclose preliminary findings. Kaepernick and his teammate Safety Eric Reid filed a collusion grievance against the league and agreed to a settlement in 2019.

Former seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady is making a movie about himself in a new movie called “80′ For Brady. After twenty seasons in the league Brady has turned to Hollywood. It is a movie about Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Sally Fields who travel to see Brady perform in Super Bowl 51. “I can’t do that” was the theme this week as former Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores rejects signing his separation agreement from his former team. This in turn has left millions of dollars still on the table. Reason being, Flores wants the freedom to still be able to talk about his treatment with the Dolphins.


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