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The “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil” GOP

We suppose that most of us are pretty sick and tired of South Dakota’s duly elected national representatives bowing down to everything that is bad about Donald Trump and not standing up to refute the damaging lies he uses every day to solidify his base. Are John Thune, Mike Rounds, and Kristi Noem his base? We will leave Dusty Johnson (R-SD) out of this for the moment because he has shown faint signs of being an independent thinker.

Thune, Rounds and Noem are complicit in all of the damage Trump has done to nearly destroy the image of America abroad. More than 143,000 Americans are dead from the coronavirus because Trump refused to recognize the disease when he had the opportunity to bring it to a halt and, in fact, denied its very existence when he called it a “hoax” You can bet that the families of those that have died from the disease do not consider it a “hoax.”

If Thune and Rounds had stood tall when it came time to impeach Trump would 143,000 Americans still be alive?

With less than 4 months left before the next election it is probably too late for our Senators to redeem themselves in the eyes of 50 percent of the people living in South Dakota. Example: When the Trump Administration was cutting and nearly eliminating Food Stamps, as Act that has protected the lives of Native Americans for generations, where were our fearless leaders?

Thune, Rounds and Noem have to know that they represent more than just the white people of this state. They also have several thousand Native American constituents to represent. The Tribes had every legal right to put up check points on their reservations in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on their lands. Noem did not have a clue that this right was awarded to the Tribes in the treaties they signed with the government of the United States. Hasn’t she ever read a history book? Or is she like her mentor Trump who apparently never reads according to John Bolton and his niece Mary Trump?

We would need three more pages to list all of the crimes and near crimes Trump has committed against his own people in the nearly 4 years he has been in office. He has even been so crass as to make every effort to destroy the Affordable Health Care Act at a time of a pandemic that is sickening and killing the very people whose lives depend upon the Act. That isn’t just cruel, it is inhumane.

It is imperative that all eligible voters get down and make sure they are registered and then on November 3, 2020, get out and vote. We simply cannot survive 4 more years of a Trump presidency. It is also time to start looking for qualified candidates to run against the “Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil” bunch who are now established enablers of a dysfunctional man.

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