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The Herb-Grilled Salmon at the Olive Garden was worth every penny



The weather had climbed to a comfortable 36 degrees on Saturday as Grouchy and friend ventured out to run a few errands. It was such a pleasant day they decided to stop at the Olive Garden up in the Mall at 160 Disk Drive for an afternoon snack.

If you have never been to the Olive Garden you must make it your next stop. You will be greeted at the door my handsome young people in black and white uniforms who will direct you to a table. The décor at the Olive Garden is modern with a lot of wood and plants. The windows go all the way around in the west section of the restaurant offering the diner a wonderful view.

But the reason Grouchy brought a guest to dine out today is because of the exquisite food served there. But you’d better bring a big apatite. The waitress was prompt and friendly and she handed us the menu’s she chatted about the wonderful day and wished us a Happy New Year.

At the Olive Garden they always have complimentary wine glasses at your table and they always have a wine-of-the-day to offer. On Saturday the wine was G. Seven Daughters. They pour a small amount in the comp glasses for you to sample and if you find the wine satisfactory they bring you another set of glasses and fill them near the top. In this case the wine was quite good and went well with our meal.

Grouchy was hungry for fish so since the Herb Grilled Salmon was offered that is what Grouchy ordered. The salmon was nicely grilled and smothered in herbs and butter. An order of broccoli also cooked in butter and herbs complimented the salmon quite nicely.

Grouchy’s guest had been craving spaghetti all morning so that is what she chose. It was listed as Cucina Mia Spaghetti and the serving size left no doubt in her mind that she would have to get a “go box.”

Oh yes, I almost forgot the most important thing: The Olive Garden serves a salad in a big bowl with tongs and it is a crisp, lightly flavored salad to die for. But the bread sticks offer a real connection to the salad. They are baked and you are offered three different kinds of dips for them Grouchy chose a nice and spicy Marinara sauce that really went well with the bread sticks.

Counting the wine and a cappuccino coffee to top off the meal the total cost was $49.97 and for such a wonderful and exotic meal eaten in one of the most comforting and relaxing settings in Rapid City, it was worth every penny.

A couple of young Lakota women were busy enjoying their meal and having a nice chat at a table near Grouchy’s and Grouchy felt good to see them.

You have got to visit the Olive Garden the next time you dine out. Tell them the Grouchy Gourmet sent you. And Happy New Year to all of Grouchy’s many fans.

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