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The Jalapeno Burger didn’t have the clout she thought it should



Have you ever gone some place to eat because you read a very convincing ad in Native Sun News Today or saw a great food commercial on television? Well, Grouchy has.

Grouchy read about a new hamburger at Burger King called Jalapeno King Burger. There was also a Spicy, Crisp Chicken Sandwich on the same ad. Ymmm! Sounded mighty good to Grouchy and so on a warm Saturday afternoon Grouchy called up a friend and they dashed on down to the Burger King next to Gill’s Sun Inn just off of W. Main Street.

They got to Burger King about 12 noon and were not too surprised to see so many people lined up at the counter at this time of day. Grouchy stood next to the guest and contemplated choices while the guest went right for the Jalapeno King Burger. After much thought Grouchy chose the Spicy Chicken and it wasn’t until much later that Grouchy discovered that there was also a Spicy Jalapeno Chicken sandwich. Ooops wrong choice. Grouchy should have ordered the Spicy Jalapeno Chicken instead of just the Spicy Chicken.

The Jalapeno King Burger ordered by Grouchy’s guest was about the size of a kitchen plate. In other words it was huge. Grouchy’s guest dove into it, along with an order of fries, and after consuming about three fourths of it sort sat back, put the burger down and said, “My goodness that’s a big burger.” She said the jalapenos were mild and the burger left an ungodly taste in her mouth, a comment she would be making 5 hours after the meal. “I can still taste that burger,” she said much, much later.

Grouchy went to work on the Spicy Chicken sandwich and it had a little bit of a bite to it, but nothing spectacular. Grouchy finished about three fourths of the Spicy Chicken also. Although there wasn’t any lengthy after-taste Grouchy still wanted to taste the Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich. Maybe next time, but Grouchy has a feeling that the hungry guest may not want to try the Jalapeno King Burger again.

The Spicy Chicken was $4.85 and the Jalapeno King Burger was $8.75. The total meal came to $14.95 including the drinks. Burger King keeps its restaurants neat and clean and the service is always good.

So if you are looking for something different give the Spicy Jalapeno Chicken or the Jalapeno King Burger at try. Grouchy always enjoyed eating at Burger King’s even though the guest was a little grumpy.

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