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The three stooges following the moron

To the Editor,

Most of South Dakotans voted these people into office, to say nothing about a racist moron. John Thune, Mike Rounds, Kristi Noem: These three stooges have not spoken a word against what Trump said about Blacks from African s***holes, about Haitian’s all having AIDS.

We as South Dakotans must have these do nothing, say nothing and blindly following the dictator Trump, removed from the office. Trump is unfit for a leader. If you three stooges back him – you’re unfit for your job.

We the people of South Dakota demand that you resign. You started out as the competent following the incompetent. Now it’s the nuts following the nut. After a year it’s the idiots following the moron, and you comprehend, and realize that Trumps mouth is the biggest s***hole known to all mankind.

Larry Nerison
Sisseton, SD

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