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The virus is still impacting our newspaper and other businesses

little notesCaptain Kirk Dickerson made his usual run to Pine Ridge last week only to discover that many of the tribal offices are still closed. The Tribal headquarters was closed and most of the schools are virtual and as a matter of fact Kirk said it was pretty lonely down there.

There have been no announcements by the Tribal Government as to when things will get back to normal if there is such a thing as normal anymore. Of course we never receive press releases from the OST because their public relations director has cut us from her list. She’s pouting.

We have developed our own sources on the reservation so we really don’t need Miss Baca.

Everything is settling down at the newspaper. We are still wearing masks because Pennington County is still showing large number of the coronavirus. Some of our friends living in Sturgis came down with the virus probably thanks to the Sturgis Rally. Kristi Noem says the numbers of virus cases were greatly exaggerated. Now who does she remind you of?

Yolanda Thompson was returning from her reservation delivery route last week and was just approaching Rapid when she heard a loud bang in her van’s motor. We had to take it to the Honda garage and $1,800.00 later, the van is working just fine.  Lucky she broke down in town instead of out on the reservation.

It’s been pretty hard for our sales people to get out and about in town because of the virus and it is even tougher for Captain Kirk because his route is all of the Indian reservations in the state. So Kirk has become a real telemarketer and has learned to use the phones to make his sales calls.

But Kirk is the kind of guy that loves his customers. He loves to talk to them face to face and find out how their families are doing and how life is treating them. His customers also love him.

Because he is part African American he jokes that his friends at Pine Ridge call him a “Rosebudder” and his friends in Rosebud call him an “Oglala.”

Our ad design guy, Dylan Deadrick, is back in school finishing his senior year. His classes are part virtual and part in-person. He is still adjusting to it.

Christy Tibbitts’ sister Vanessa came down from North Dakota to visit and to pick up a car her mother Theresa had donated to her. She is married to Jason Wolters.

Many of the old crew members from the Lakota Times and Indian Country Today have made that journey to the Spirit World and we remember all of them as young and vibrant employees. We lost so many of them who made the newspaper one of the best in America. We will list all of their names to honor them in one of the upcoming issues. Doksa ake’.


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