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Residents of Red Shirt Table in the 1930s



The names of all of the people in this photo may not be in order as they had been randomly written at the base of the original photo. The man in the tall hat standing next to the minister is named High Eagle and the man behind him is Drags Rope. The man on the far right is Comes Again. When all three of these men were young they fought at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Left to right (as best as we can place them); Martha Two Bulls, Jennie Two Bulls, Effie, Moses and Marilyn Two Bulls, Mary Two Bulls, Nancy Comes Again, Goldie Two Bulls, Lucy Good Soldier, Florence Two Bulls, Delphine Yellow Horse, Laverne Two Bulls, Andrew White Face, High Eagle, Drags Rope, Earl Two Bulls, Emory Moeller, Pete Crow, Oliver White Face, John Poor Thunder, Jim Comes Again. Mary Two Bulls and Nancy Comes Again were sisters. Their father One Crow had two wives who were sisters. Also in photo are E.L Marley, Alice Two Bulls, Evelyn Two Bulls, Mazie Two Bulls, Thelma Crow, David Janis, Ray Lamont, John Two Bulls, Isadore Poor Thunder, and Steve Two Bulls.

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