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There is more to the Black Hills claim

To the Editor,

I just read your column about “There’s more to the Black Hills Settlement…” just wanted to say, at least from what I remember that “no, we didn’t want money, we wanted the Black Hills returned to us.” At least that is how I remember it since I was a very young man, never considered taking the money. I didn’t really like the Phil Stevens fellow who showed up talking about getting back the land plus lots of money, that was sometime in the late 1980s. I figured the money would distract from the real issue of the return of the Black Hills. The Bradley Bill seemed like a good idea, still believe that something like that can get through Congress one day. In the meantime the US and South Dakota have done their best to degrade the Black Hills, maybe after they are done with extracting everything they can they will see fit to returning it to the Oceti Sakowin.
Over the years I have written to you a few times and introduced myself to you. Would like to meet you in person and talk with you one day or talk on the phone. Thanks for being there as a writer who continues to produce thoughtful columns.

Guy Lopez
Enrolled in the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

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