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There’s no place like Mother Hubbard’s place

There’s no place like Mother Hubbard’s place


Native Sun News Today Correspondent Clara Caufield is from the Northern Cheyenne Nation and does not know Rapid City that well. Case in point: She called the office and said she had to interview a guy at the Mother Hubbard place. We corrected her by telling her it is Mother Butler. Ooops!

Speaking of Clara, she is on the mend, but discovered that in her fall she also got a small fracture in a fibula. She is back in Northern Cheyenne recuperating.

Our other correspondent James Giago Davies is also recovering slowly from a terrible bout with Covid-19 that nearly killed him. He was in the hospital for 30 days and he just went home, like Clara, to recuperate.

Luckily for us our staff writer Joe Budd is still hale and hearty and is still cranking our stories just as fast as he can. He has a good one in this week’s paper about the shooting incident at a local motel and the comments by the owner of the motel that were extremely racist against Native Americans. He dug deeper into the story than the other news sources around here in order to get to the bottom of it.

Tim said in anguish, “Where is Talli Nauman when I need her?”

With the price of gas on the rise and the cost of mail also on the rise, Tim thought seriously of raising the price of the paper, but in deference to his many friends and readers over all of these 41 years of publishing who have remained loyal readers he put the raise on hold and hopes that the cost of gas and paper comes down soon.

Joke going around. White guy to Indian, “Do you Indians still eat buffalo.” Indian to white guy, “Yes, but only the wings.”

Our old friend Jodi Rave Spotted Bear stopped by a couple of weeks ago for a short visit. She along with our old friend Ron Holt, used to publish a small newspaper called “The Head of the Herd.” It was good to see her and we sure hope our friend Ron Holt stops by. Ron was one of the first Native Americans (He is Nez Perce) to get into running a television station in Billings, Mont. He is now retired and living in Idaho. Both of them were and are great journalists.

Stay safe. Doksa ake’.


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