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They don’t call it Famous Dave’s for nothing



Grouchy had a craving for BBQ all week long, and only one place came to mind. They really know their BBQ! Famous Dave’s.

Famous Dave understands what it’s like when the odds are against you. A Native American kid at the bottom half of high school class, he didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities, but he had dreams and perseverance. His goal: create the best BBQ America ever tasted.

BBQ was a passion he caught from his dad, a Southerner working the construction trades in the Windy City. They always knew where to find the best ribs: the street corner vendors with their 55 gallon smokers, cooking it up in the tradition of the Deep South.

Famous Dave opened his fist BBQ Pit in 1994 in Hayward, WI and has since won over 700 awards for his world famous BBQ. “What makes great BBQ? You hand rub each slab with spices, then slow smoke ‘em in a pit of smoldering hickory like the champion pit masters in the Deep South. These ribs are so good right out of the smoker—try ‘em without the sauce—just order your bones naked!”

It took countless all-night cooking sessions for Famous Dave to create the right mixture of fresh fruit juices, rich black strap molasses, cane & brown sugars, exotic spices, and herbs for his legendary sauces.

Grouchy ordered the Burnt Ends-N-Rib combo, for $19.49 and added smoked brisket for an extra $3.99 it make with two sides and a fresh baked corn bread muffin. Grouchy had a choice of St. Louis- Styled spareribs or rib tips. I chose the rib tips (less bone more meat) and the creamy coleslaw and the pecan Brussel sprouts.

My platter arrived and everything looked so good, just the smokey aroma coming off my platter was enough to make anyone hungry. Grouchy did not know where to begin, I dug into the rib tips, they are heavy seasoned and served naked (no sauce) biting in you could just taste the hours of smoke on them. Even without any sauce they were yummy, but I was eating BBQ after all and they are famous for their sauces so I added the sweat and zesty sauce and that made them even yummier.

The brisket and burnt ends came with a little bit of the rich and sassy sauce, but to me there can never be enough bbq sauce so on the table is a caddy of all their famous sauces. You can add more or change sauces and mix up the flavor. The coleslaw and Brussel sprouts were very good.

If you like the heat and can handle it there are several bbq sauces to choose from. Rich & Sassy, Dave’s original award willing sauce, heat level mild, the Sweat & Zesty heat level mild; for mustard fans there is a Georgia mustard which is a vinegar base heat level mild. For spice lovers, don’t worry he did not forget you, there is Devil’s Spit heat level medium heat and Wilbur’s Revenge heat level explosive. So don’t be afraid folks sauce it up.

Famous Dave’s is at 1718 Eglin St. at Rushmore Crossing, plenty of parking and shopping. It is open 7 days a week, 11 a.m. -10 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday they offer several lunch specials and a kids menu. You can dine in or carry out and they are available for catering.

Stop in today and indulge in some outstanding BBQ. And that ladies and gentleman is what makes Famous Dave’s so famous! Famous Dave’s is definately Grouchy approved. Until next time our loyal reader’s good eats.

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