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Thune joins another liar on Fox News

To the Editor,

Chris Wallace interviewed John Thune and Analthony Scarymoosie today.

WRT Analthony, I am surprised that I underestimated how truly repugnant this little grease spot is—–he is such a despicable lying piece of crap that his presence does not warrant any time other than that necessary to dismiss him as a money grubbing thief.

John Thune: Let’s just outline his lies

Thune clarified what the senate would be voting on this week. “To open the bill up for debate”—–then he lied when he repeated the war cry—Obamacare is failing, Obama care is failing- –skyrocketing premiums–people thrown off their health care—-market in freefall.

Thune and other republicans want to ignore what almost every expert is saying ACA is not failing—-it is insuring millions and millions of people—-more people are insure now than before ACA so how can people be thrown of their plans???

Yes, Senator Thune, ACA has problems that need to be dealt with, no one disagrees. Yet day after day insurance companies and analysts tell us that many of the ACA problems are being caused by republicans.

Thune then said that once the senate opens the bill for debate then there will be time for unlimited amendments. Two things. First everyone knows that if you and the Bitch have anything to do with it, then virtually no time would be allotted for amendments or debate. It has been well documented what the republicans plan was once the bill was on the floor—-17 minutes allotted for all amendments and 17 seconds of debate for each amendment.

Second, you seem only too willing to now discuss and debate the merits of whatever bill that you and the bitch are now supporting (no one seems to really know what you are supporting—that is beside the point) The point is where was all this willingness to cooperate and debate when 12 old white male rats met in secret is a damp dark room designing whatever is that you know want to bring to a “opened to debate vote”

Thune hypocrisy became crystal clear when he said if this bill fails then he and the other rats will hold more secret meeting to design something else.

Next Thune lied when he said that the senate bill would lower premiums- —this is categorically not true. The closet thing that CBO ever said was that under LIARcare premiums would be lower relative to ACA—–premiums would continue to increase under LIARcare but by less than ACA only because the young and healthy could buy plans that does not cover health issues AND because older and sicker Americans would lose their healthcare—of course premium growth would slow.

Finally Thune beat the old dog—“we must keep our promise to the American people”

Senator Thune could you please document when you promised the people of SD that you would support a bill designed to transfer nearly a trillion dollars to the billionaire owner class and fund this transfer by slashing medicaid and depriving millions of older, sick, poor and female of their health insurance. Could you please inform all of us when you made this promise.

The promises i remember said that LIARcare would provide far superior healthcare at a fraction of the cost AND no cuts to medicaid, medicare and SS– –so when are you going to make good of these promises

Finally—I will beat my old dog— Senator Thune, you have made it clear how ACA has devastated the lives of nearly everyone in SD. So could you please document everything you have done in the last 8 years to try to improve ACA so that it is less harmful—-please tell us what you did to make this horrible LAW OF THE LAND less burdensome to those you represent. (Repealing 349 times is a big nothing burger)

I am still waiting to hear from Noem and Rounds what they did to help their constituency by improving ACA since they have been in office.

Bill Taylor

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