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Tim saw 3 robins in his backyard Saturday. Spring?

Tim saw 3 robins in his backyard Saturday. Spring?


In Catechism Class back in the 1940s at one of the Christian boarding schools the teacher asked a young Lakota boy if he could tell the class something about Solomon. The boy replied, “He was a king and he had 20 wives and 20 porcupines.”

Another school boy joke. The teacher asked her 13-year-old student if he could spell “topsy” for her. He said, “T-ohp-sipsy – sipsy – Y.” Now this last joke came out of Holy Rosary Mission in about the 1920s.

The 14th anniversary of Native Sun News Today is on April’s Fool Day. The staff and management of the paper will celebrate with a great meal catered by Qdoba’s and a beautiful cake thanks to Jerry’s Donut Shop. We have a great crew and they deserve a reason to celebrate. The ice cream comes to us from Ron at Cold Stone Creamery.

Joe Budd has been out covering the year-end basketball tournaments. A couple of Lakota teams failed to make it to the playoffs this year, but they had great seasons after all.

Jimmy Giago Davies is on the mend. He said he can now get around on crutches and he will be able to use his hands to type shortly. Jimmy had a severe case of Covid-19 the left him nearly paralyzed and while in the middle of the disease he also had a mild heart attack. He sounded cheerful and ready to come back to work.

Whenever you hear that great operator answering the phone when you call NSNT that is the voice of Elena Wells. She is the daughter of Holly Wells, our great ad sales lady. During this pandemic she has had to bring a couple of her children to the office because of the hard time getting baby sitters. They were good, quiet kids and we hardly noticed they were around.

Tim and Jackie have not taken a vacation in the 14 years this newspaper has been in business. They are hoping against all hope that this might be the year. They would like to take a nice trip to Albuquerque and visit old friends and chow down on some great Mexican food.

I spring here? Doksa ake’.

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