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Tim Tebow goes to Jacksonville

The End Zone

Rookie minicamps have begun across the league. Many rookies enjoyed their special made fittings of their new equipment. This would include New York Giants WR Kadarius Toney, a number one draft selection, had to run barefoot due a badly-fitting cleat. Assistant coaches have begun the task of working out the various offensive positions. Covid-19 among coaching staff as Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy will miss rookie minicamp due to close contact. Speaking of missing rookie minicamp, Detroit Lions number one pick Penei Sewell tested positive for Covid 19 as well. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown’s alleged assault on a moving company driver last year is as the driver seeking $30,000 in damages. Brown had allegedly assaulted the driver attempting to gain possession of the vehicle keys to remove his belongings. This incident stemmed back in January of 2020. National Football League Players Association are making changes to Voluntary Workouts. There are still fifteen teams who require these workouts though. Voluntary workouts away from team facilities could be financially devastating to players if they are injured. Broncos OT JuWaun James is currently seeking $10 million dollars in grievances due to this fact. Along with teammate WR Deshaun Hamilton who recently tore his ACL in an off-sight facility as he was working out before being traded. Most players question the voluntary workouts and seemed a little confused in who or which teams are required to do so.

There are still acquisitions if free agents as the Chiefs acquire CB Mike Hughes from the Minnesota Vikings.

Broncos sign former Chicago Bears OR Bobbie Massie to a one-year deal worth $4 million dollars. 

Well, you know about the trouble in Green Bay, for insurance purposes the Packers signed a one-year with QB Blake Bortles as a backup. “Why is the league continually signing one-year deals for a lot of players,” stated the Captain. It is hard to show your true potential as a player in such a short space. There is much excitement in Las Vegas as the Raiders will host the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football to start the season. Raider fans will finally get to give a hometown boost and show their new stadium to a national audience. 

Former Packers Hall of Famer QB Brett Farve has regressed on his agreement to repay the State of Mississippi a sum of $600,000.  A debt that was owed for speaking engagements in which Farve never showed up for. Condolences to the family of former Vikings Head Coach Jerry Burns who passed at 94 years old. Congratulations to Tim Tebow on his NFL return. In the fight for a worthy cause, the State of Tennessee is awarding $1.2 million dollars to the Tim Tebow foundation to help fight human trafficking. Huge news in Jacksonville as the Jaguars sign Tim Tebow to play Tight End this season. There are some rifts around the league and on sports talk shows about this controversy. Around corners, it has been reported that guys trying out for the team may think it is a little unfair taking away a roster spot from them. Typically, because Tebow never played Tight End before. There is much speculation that he is working himself into a backup quarterback position. His coach, Urban Meyers coached Tebow at Florida during his college career including a National Championship. On the Chris Collingsworth Sport Show in which Meyers was interviewed, he defended his decision. “You ought to see the excitement he brings to a team,” stated Meyers. Meyers believes that Tebow could bring a much-needed boost to the organization. Some sports analyst such as Michael Vick believes that having a veteran like Tebow could indeed rally and inspire younger players. 

However, many analysis and players view this as controversial. They feel Tebow is getting an unfair chance to revive his career after being out of the league for six years. They also noted that he has not started a game in nine years. He had a career passing completion of only 49%. Many remember his 80-yard completion in overtime to defeat the Steelers in a 2008 playoff run. Also winning six in row in the fourth quarter with rushing touchdowns to place them in playoff contention. Tebow did not fair with other teams after the next season, losing his job to Peyton Manning in Denver and being cut in the second week of preseason by the Patriots. Many wonder why he gets an opportunity while Colin Kaepernick has been out of the league for the same amount of time. It is quite obvious that he still had a connection with his old coach. When asked how he would feel about Kaepernick manning the quarterback position he stated, “His return would be a distraction to the team.” A statement that is a double standard in itself given the fact that Tebow was a great distraction for their number one pick Trevor Lawrence. Tebow’s return to the league has been a distraction of its own. His prayer stance after games and touchdowns took off on social media and was quite a national phenomenon.


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