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Tim’s writing has inspired me

To the Editor,

I enjoyed Tim Giago’s article about George Mickelson in today’s Rapid City Journal: I, too, believe that race relations is the most important issue in South Dakota. Larry Luitjens is a person who takes reconciliation seriously. He was my boss at Custer High School where I taught for 20 years and is a friend.

I believe that his relentless effort to lessen the racism in our school and community was a manifestation of the spirit of reconciliation. I feel blessed to have been a part of his efforts in Custer and although changes come too slowly, he did his part (as we all should) to improve race relations and to honor and respect Lakota culture and people in this state.

Tim’s writing over the years has inspired me and I believe words matter in the ongoing struggle in this country to become a country for all people.

Eileen Wahlstrom

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