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Tired of career politicians

Dear Editor,
I am tired of career politicians like John Thune. Career politicians have failed us. John Thune talks about reducing the debt. After 24 years in Congress, the debt skyrocketed over $30 trillion. John Thune says he cares about our seniors, but votes against cheaper drug prices for seniors on Medicare and against capping insulin at $35 a month. John Thune talks about freedom. He is thrilled to take away a woman’s right to choose, LGBT rights and much more. John Thune talks about freedom, but is happy when South Dakota overrules the will of the people by denying South Dakotans the right to cannabis despite voting for it. John Thune talks about infrastructure investments in the state, but votes against the bill.
John Thune complained that Tom Daschle was an obstructionist. According to Gallup, Congress had a 43% approval rating in 2004, when Sen. Daschle was leader. That number today? 16%. John Thune is the leader of a dysfunctional Senate and has done nothing but obstruct and vote for tax cuts for the rich in 24 years in office.
In November, I am voting for Brian Bengs. Brian is a 26 year veteran, who isn’t running out of a loyalty to party, but a loyalty to our country and to have a government that works for working class people. He doesn’t want to be a career politician and has actually signed a term limits pledge, not serving more than 2 terms. He is a good and decent man. I encourage you to consider voting for him.
Sawyer Van Horn

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