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Too many of our friends and family have passed in the past week

Let’s set the record straight. South Dakota has not celebrated October 11th as Columbus Day for over 30 years now. And it was not then Gov. Michelson’s idea, let’s give credit where credit is due. It was our fearless leader of Native Sun News Today Tim Giago that challenged Mickelson to change October 11th to Native American Day, and 30 plus years latter several states have followed our lead.

Speaking of Native American Day, our sales team, Kirk and Holly are working hard to make this year’s Native American Day special section the best one yet.

Back in the saddle again, Yo is happy to be back on her weekly state route, and we are all happy she is back to work, especially Ryan, this frees him up to do what he loves building ads.

Elana has had to bring her mini me to work over the last few days, due to a shutdown of her per-school class room from Covid, Jackie has taken quite a shine to her. Despite the little one around Elana has been doing a bang up job, she has fit into the grove like she has always been hear.

James has been burning the midnight oil to get our weekly newspaper out. For a one man show he is doing great. He will now have Ryan to help.

Holly and Elana will be taking a quick trip to Sioux Falls this weekend to see the newest addition to the family, we hope the trip goes well and they both return in one peace, with the two of them locked in a car that long someone may not come back.

Well folks fall has officially began. Look for the last of the leaves to change and fall and the cooler weather to set in.

We said good-bye to two long-time family members this week, they will be missed. Safe travels into the spirt world. It was a shock to everyone here to learn the Lloyd Goings had died of Covid-19. Lloyd was a frequent visitor to Native Sun News Today and was practically an honorary staff member. Tim lost two first cousins this week when Darrel Garnette and Joan Garnette Cuny passed away. They were brother and sister. Joan was the twin sister of Joey Garnette. It has been a long week of sadness here at NSNT.

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