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Two good movies recommended by the Native Sun News Today staff

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The crew at Native Sun News recommends two movies to our readers: Deep Water Horizon and The Birth of a Nation.

Both movies are timely and appropriate. Deep Water Horizon is about the terrible explosion and oil spill on the BP oil rig off of the coast of Louisiana. It was the worst oil spill in the history of this country and did damage that is still felt throughout the marshes and islands around the spill.

The Birth of a Nation is timely because this is National Black History Month. The movie is about a slave named Nat Turner, a good and religious man who was pushed so far by the increasing cruelties of his white “Master” that he led the first rebellion of slaves against the plantation owners. Both of these films are timely. Deep Water Horizon because of the ongoing fight by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to stop the pipeline from going under the water that is used by all of the people downstream.

Both of these movies are now available at both Mr.

Movies stores in Rapid City.

For the first time in several weeks our route drivers had a more than pleasant day in which to complete the delivery of Native Sun

News Today in the City and on the Rosebud and Pine

Ridge Reservations. Up until this week the weather was so horrible that we worried for the safety of our drivers every Wednesday.

Tim Giago III decided to follow in the footsteps of his father by cooking up a pot of chili. He said he used all of his dad’s ingredients except the jalapeno peppers. “They are too hot for me,” he said.

Captain Kirk Dickerson has about run out of news from the NFL for his column because the season is now over. He will be watching out for major trades and other off-season news and he will be waiting impatiently for the NFL Draft which always keeps him on pins and needles.

Our receptionist Karen Kaulay is enrolled at Pine Ridge but spent most of her life at Rosebud. She has held many jobs and is now semiretired so she works part time at the newspaper and some of the people calling the paper are really surprised when she answers the phone and they find out they are old friends. She is the aunt of our former staff writer Richie Richards and our former salesman Ernie White Eyes. Small world!

Tim Giago went to school at Red Cloud with Richie’s father, Richard “Dix” Richards. One day, many years ago, Tim was walking through the Enlisted Men’s Club in Yokosuka, Japan when someone grabbed him by the arm and said, “Hey, Giago.” And lo and behold if it wasn’t his old school mate Richard “Dix.” Like we said, small world.

The management calls Monday the “Selective Sick Day” because it seems to be the day that some of our employees always choose to be sick. For the most part they are all pretty reliable, but Mondays seem to be the one exception to the rule.

We are getting some good comments on the articles Victor Swallow is writing. He has a good handle on the folks from Red Shirt Table and it is a very interesting community. He is working on an article now about an old Lakota rancher named Frank Wilson from Red Shirt Table. Watch for it next week.

Please read our editorial on the faces on Mount Rushmore and you will know that the heroes of most Americans are not necessarily the heroes of the Lakota people.

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