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UUWS supports the ‘Hope Centers’ new location

James Swan, President of Urban Warrior Society

Last year the Hope Center in Rapid City announced the purchase and future relocation to a larger facility at 630 E Blvd N. (Photo). The Hope Center is a homeless day service and is one of the two largest services for Rapid City’s homeless population, the other being Cornerstone Rescue Mission.

The Hope Center was established in 2010 as an outreach project. The Hope Center is a drop-in day center which offers unduplicated, unique, and crucial services in the community for those living in pov­erty and without homes. The primary objective of the Hope Center is to establish relationships with the disadvantaged in our community, provide an environment of respect and encouragement, and to be a constant in the lives of those who often times lack stability and consistency.

United Urban Warrior Society has been a strong supporter of the Hope Center and has made many contributions to this organization since 2010. UUWS has been an advocate for the homeless population in Rapid City for many years. UUWS strongly supports the move to this new location. UUWS will step up advocate and promote this move.

UUWS has stepped up and will continue to push the Rapid City Public Works department to upgrade the streetlights from the Railroad bridge to Maple Street intersection. We have been opposed by Public Works Director Dale Tech, stating the light is in compliance. I call it BS and will deal with this issue.

UUWS was not aware of the opposition to this move until the Rapid City Planning Commission meeting held on 8/10/2023. A couple nearby resident “Karens” spoke in opposition even though this was already a done deal and the vote for approval was a unanimous vote in favor of the Hope Center who have already secured the property and upgrades and security plans were provided to commission. This move is still a couple years down the road.

1st Argument was its location to the nearest school: Researching city codes and local laws, this proposed location is outside the parameters of school zones. They even brought up DD’s. (A Bar that has been closed for years now) No comparison.

2nd The old DSS location on the corner of North & Cambell: That location won’t work do to the heavy traffic and distance from other homeless resources downtown. A similar location on East North Street was proposed a couple years ago but was shut down because of high traffic.

3rd Should be moved to the old prairie market location: We have proposed this idea at a couple locations within this property a few times over the years. This property is privately owned, and the own­ers would never approve for this use. We have had many issues with the owners and security in regard to this property over the homeless population.

4th argument is to move it to the west side of town: This makes no sense at all. Its way too far to walk and is too far from other services. We entertained the idea of one at the Oyate Heath Campus location (Sioux San). It just wasn’t feasible or practical.

We support this location 100%. We believe this is a perfect location for this use. If you look just across the street there are several multiple live in facility’s who Cater to the same group of people, some of these facilities house clients from both behavioral and drug courts, halfway houses, as well as ex-cons including pedophiles. I live a couple blocks from this location, (18-Years) and I have had zero issues. Plus, this location is walking distance from all known homeless locations and other homeless services.

This area has been a squatter’s location since day one, there used to be a shanty town right down the street. This is their area! Homelessness is a human problem in every city and town in the world since the beginning of time.

With the new location added lights, and full-time security it will probably be safer than it is now, this building and lot has been publicity unused for many years and with the new parking lot it would be cleaner than what we see now.

UUWS will do everything we can to support and promote this location.

James Swan President and founder of United Urban Warrior Society

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