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Watching Noem spread lies at conference was painful

Watching Governor Noam speak at the huge all white gathering in Florida called the CPak meeting of conservatives this past week was painful.

Her massive ignorance is appalling for any one of us who knows the history of the Dakotas and the vast history of our world.   She is narrow minded and enthralled not only by the Trump Saga of the last four years, but by her own charmed life and Christian faith.

She tells again the story of her family farm at Estalline, South Dakota in Hamlin County,   how the death of her farmer father brought her to her senses of how to rise to power to save the farm and the world.  She says he was the smartest man she ever knew and that she was devastated when he died leaving her alone to struggle toward opportunity.

She tells how, in her grief,   she went to his pickup and found his papers in the pockets of the cab, and she knew that she had the directions to succeed.    The documents that she read like she had read the Bible for years gave her the information that saved the farm from the massive tax burden the Democrats had piled on the family farms all over the country.

The world needs conservatives,   she tells us,   like her farmer father, though she does not define what a conservative is,  but she knows one must not call one’s self a  Republican   in this new  Trumpian world and surely must reject any kind of rescue plan put forth by the new regime which everyone knows has resulted in  a “stolen election.”    BE BOLD,   she urges her supporters.

She,   with a formal certificate from a small   Education Department in a prairie state college that emphasizes the elementary teaching of twelve year olds says the Science of the medical profession is wrong concerning the reaction to the deadliest virus of the modern world……….no masks, no spacing, no soapy hands, no closing of roads, schools, or churches because “nobody has the right to tell you to wear masks!”   How anti-freedom is all of this, anyway?   We in South Dakota will not be sheep!!!”

She has a prepared lecture that she delivers with the deadly seriousness of a Sunday school preacher who says we are (the world over) all alike, but we in South Dakota are special.  It is our diversity,   she says, that we have many, many churches….all Christian of course.

No mention of other faiths, native history, no mention of Indians, brown people from other areas, study of languages.  We should not apologize for our success as Americans; her message is:  “Be Bold.  Do not apologize.   We are righteous!  She is a protector of the White History of the 20th century and has now proposed a new HISTORY CURRICULAR DESIGN COSTING SEVERAL MILLION OF DOLLARS FOR OUR SCHOOLS. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!












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