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We found peace at Wounded Knee

To the Editor,

I just read Tim Giago’s article. Wounded Knee is (was) an amazing place. We had nothing to brag about in buildings, but the people.

That was what created the warm happy atmosphere. Like Tim, my children and my cousins all had the same reaction to Wounded Knee. Ann Marie, my daughter, said we could have just left her there and gone back to D.C. and she would have been happy. I never got over leaving Wounded Knee. I set my directions from there.

I always feel the distance! My cousins when we are talking for the last time said “See you at Wounded Knee”! To read Tim’s reaction to a quiet little wide place in the road makes me see that those who sleep in the long grave on the hill have brought a special peace to that valley. It lingers with all who stop and really look at the place.

One tourist lady came back after her husband died and stayed with us as she felt at home. God Bless! Tim. Glad he could know the beauty of Wounded Knee. Maybe all of us will meet there one day.

JoAnn Feraca

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