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We had a great time at the Crabfest



Carla Rae Marshall worked for Tim at Indian Country Today many years ago. She went out into the world after that and learned to be a graphic artist. Well, it just happened that Native Sun News Today was in dire need of a graphic artist and Carla was available so after 10 years she is now back with us and is busy cranking out her first edition of Native Sun News Today. Welcome back Carla. The paper you are now reading was designed by Carla.

Tim and Jackie took Christy and Howard to Red Lobster’s in order to get in on the Crabfest. It was Saturday night and the place was crowded. Pat Lee, the retired Oglala Sioux Tribal Judge, and his wife Faith were seated in the lobby waiting to partake of the feast. Howard Herman, Faith’s nephew told her and Pat, “Sorry guys, we ate all of the crab.” Of course Howard doesn’t even like fish or crab, and in fact he had the sirloin steak.

We noticed that there were a lot of Native American families dining at Red Lobster. The meals there can be costly so everybody must be pretty flush this year.

Timmy Giago III and Kirk Dickerson are all fired up because the National Football League is about to kick of the season. It’s amazing how many people missed the NFL because even the exhibition games are packing the stadiums and Trump is still bitching because many of the African American players are still taking a knee. One would think that he had more important things to worry about like the tariffs and North Korea.

Dylan Deadrick is about to go back to school and is not happy that the summer went by so quickly. He came on board as a part timer with NSNT in the graphics department and mastered the new Indesign program we are now using, a program he learned about in school. We hope to have him come in after school and maybe on weekends to keep up on the good job he did this summer designing our advertisements.

Ernestine Chasing Hawk is working in the Production Department and assisting Carla Rae. She hasn’t worked in layout for awhile but is catching on fast with Carla Rae’s help.

Heather Dawn Thompson was on the Oyate Today Show with Richie Richards on Saturday night and did a great job of explaining how the land at the Sioux San was pilfered under the very noses of the Lakota people. We didn’t have too many Lakota lawyers back in the 1940s and so the government, State and federal, plus the Rapid City government and the different Churches had a ball splitting up the land that belonged to the Indian people. Heather dedicated the show to the Unci’s who stood up and fought for the land to no avail. But it was their courage and determination that has kept the flame burning.

See you next week. Toksa ake’.

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