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West River artists encouraged to step forward

Dale Lamphere stands in front of the large section of wall that Community Tapestry will be displayed in while holding a scale model of the sculture.” Photo by Travis Dewes

RAPID CITY – Dale Lamphere, South Dakota Artist Laureate, and Monument Health are seeking submissions for a permanent art installation named Community Tapestry.

20 local artists will be selected to have their works displayed in the installation. “I really believe that it is the weaving together of diversity that creates the fabric of community,” Lamphere said.

West River artists of all cultures and artistic experience are encouraged to submit ideas that are based on the theme which is healing. Monument Health commissioned Lamphere as the lead artist to create the sculpture and it will be featured in a 30 feet tall and 14 feet wide wall space. Each finished artwork from local artists will be arranged on one of Community Tapestry’s 55 diamonds.

Almost all mediums of artistic expression are encouraged including beadwork, quilting, mixed media, metal work or any other forms, but the idea has to represent what healing means to the artist.

If an artist’s sketch submission is considered for the sculpture, the artist will automatically receive $100. If the artist is then chosen as one of the 20 whose art will appear in the installation, the artist will receive $2,000.

Submissions will include a sketch of the proposed work, a list of materials it will be made out of, and a description of why the art represents healing. Artists can find the submission form at The form can be filled out and submitted online, or it can printed and turned in by mail or manual drop-off at Monument Health.

The submission forms can be turned in no later than Oct 16 and the final selection will take place at the beginning of November. If selected, artists are requested to have their work done by February. The installation of Community Tapestry is projected to be done in the spring of 2021.

“I wanted to find a way during this time of COVID to involve other artists because opportunities have really dried up for a lot of them,” Lamphere said. “This is something that we will compensate people for the initial idea that they send in and then a $2,000 stipend for the creation of the work.”

Elle Larson, chair of the Monument Health art committee, said that they chose Lamphere and the use of local artists because “when a visitor or patient is in this space and they see something that looks familiar, that’s comforting to them. That feels like home. It’s easier to relax when you feel like you’re at home.”

Dale Lamphere has been a professional artist for 51 years and has art installations placed nationally. Notable works include Dignity in Chamberlain, SD and Arc of Dreams in Sioux Falls, SD.

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