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Western Dakota Tech announces Fall Dean’s List

RAPID CITY –– Western Dakota Tech congratulates the 226 students named to the Fall 2016 Dean’s List. To qualify, students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.


Aberdeen: Matthew Paulsen, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Armour: Alicia Huebner, Practical Nursing; Belle Fourche: Wyatt Horn, Law Enforcement Technology; Kyle Jankord, Computer Aided Drafting; David Rohlf, Paramedic; Bailey Wolterstorff, Electrical Trades; Bison: Wrangler Weishaar, Welding and Transportation; Box Elder: Allysen Brinkman, Environmental Engineering Tech; Kevin Combs, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Alyssa Dikoff, Paramedic; Meghan Fedele, Allied Health; Eri Gardner, Health Information Management; Hollee Hook, Surgical Technology; Alexander King, Criminal Justice; Jennifer Konda, Practical Nursing; Dominique Lawrence, Computer Aided Drafting; Anna Lewison-Voss, Practical Nursing; Vanessa Lockey, Practical Nursing; Justin Mc- Carthy, Environmental Engineering Tech; Stefanie Moak, Practical Nursing; Amanda Sherwood, Practical Nursing; Justice Vanthuyne, Business; Jennifer Wiese, Surgical Technology; Brookings: Court Nygaard, Practical Nursing; Custer: Steven Blume, Paramedic; Catlyn Cordell, Law Enforcement Technology; Sean Kelly, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Bailey Reitz, Fire Science; Dupree: Blayne Kennedy, Health Information Management; Macy Shupick, Bookkeeping; Eagle Butte: Sara Garreau, Practical Nursing; Edgemont: Kyla Porter, Health Information Management; Faith: Cash Jones, HVAC/R Technology; Glenn Palmer, Welding and Fabrication; Fort Pierre: Nathan Cronin, Law Enforcement Technology; Hermosa: Curtis Svenson, Computer Aided Drafting; Hill City: Ethan Esposti, Paramedic; Caleb Yeargan, Welding and Fabrication; Hot Springs: Brandy Kaiser, Surgical Technology; Wyatt Roda, Welding and Fabrication; Dale Ruhoff, Welding and Fabrication; Huron: Cheyanne Creviston, Transportation Technology; Kadoka: Kahler Addison, Transporation Technology; Lead: Zachary Barrett, Electrical Trades; Echo Bauer, Criminal Justice; Rachel Setzler, Environmental Engineering Tech; Martin: Kristin Chase, Medical Laboratory Technician; Alexander Rous, Transportation Technology; McLaughlin: Jayson Running Hawk, Electrical Trades; Midland: Lacy Puhlman, Business; Milbank: Austin Wendland, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Murdo: Wyatt Weber, Law Enforcement Technology; New Underwood: Cole Swanson, Computer Aided Drafting; Nemo: Jonathan Eggers, Dual Enrollment; Newell: Teigan Strohschein, Electrical Trades; Hidie Wetzler, Practical Nursing; Nisland: Elliot Brunner, Welding and Fabrication; Onida: Joshua Osterkamp, Transportation Technology; Jenny Van Bockel, Accounting; Pierre: Levi Heying, Welding and Fabrication; Marie McVey, Electrical Trades; Pine Ridge: Valeria Cross, Practical Nursing; Porcupine: Cheyenne Weston, Paramedic; Rapid City: Alexander Aadland, Environmental Engineering Tech; Clay Adams, Welding and Fabrication; Nathan Alspaw, Computer Aided Drafting; Stanley Andrews, Electrical Trades; Adriana Arrambide, Medical Laboratory Technician; Alexis Berr, Fire Science; Tanner Blank, Electrical Trades; Michael Bowerman, Electrical Trades; David Boyer, Computer Science; Silas Busch, Paramedic; Milos Buzarinovic, Transportation Technology; Daniel Croyle, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Laurie Cullingford, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Christopher Dalluge, Transportation Technology; Robyn Edoff, Health Information Management; Stevie Ellingson, Surgical Technology; Catherine Ellis, Criminal Justice; Rebecca Fagrey, Bookkeeping; Madison Giroux, Bookkeeping; Rosalinda Gonzalez, Business; Alexis Goshorn, Dental Assisting; Kari Green, Criminal Justice; Bradley Halvorson, Environmental Engineering Tech; CarLee Harris, Law Enforcement Technology; Lindsey Heidt, Healthcare Technician; Megan Hopkins, Law Enforcement Technology; Adam Hout, Drafting and Machining Technology; Rebekah Huseby, Transportation Technology; Ethan Jarding, Fire Science; Nicholas Jensen, Transportation Technology; Christine Kennedy, Library Technician; Rebecca Kessler, Dental Assisting; Kyleen Kinniburgh, Surgical Technology; Angela Kothe, Medical Laboratory Technician; Justin Ladenburger, Electrical Trades; Chance Lockett, Fire Science; Mathew Matt, Law Enforcement Technology; Lisa McCormick, Business; Jason Millard, Precision Machining Technology; Donavin Neugebauer, Fire Science; Kaylee O’Dea, Dental Assisting; Tyler Olson, Paramedic; Michael Pease, Computer Aided Drafting; Michelle Porter, Library Technician; Amanda Poste, Practical Nursing; Charles Rice, Electrical Trades; Dennis Rice, HVAC/R Technology; Cara Riker, Practical Nursing; Danica Riss, Dental Assisting; Anthony Rodriguez, Computer Science; April Roselles, Surgical Technology; Denise Sattler, Business; Kady Schmitz, Health Information Management; Rhamie Sixtos, Practical Nursing; Dan Smith, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Nicholas Smith, Electrical Trades; Michael Squires, Electrical Trades; Moira Steiner-Pettit, Law Enforcement Technology; Jessica Thurmes, Medical Technology

Technician; Paul Van Doren, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Oksana Venner, Dental Assisting; Shawn Volin, Computer Science; Taylor Warren, Surgical Technology; Michael Weig, Paramedic; David Williams, Welding and Fabrication; Samantha Young, Business; Tammy Zook, Practical Nursing; Marta Zulauf, Surgical Technology; Jessica Zweifel, Practical Nursing; Thomas Zylstra, Welding and Fabrication; Sioux Falls: Luke Cutshaw, Welding and Fabrication; Spearfish: Emily Falzerano, Surgical Technology; Matthew Kerney, Business; Melissa Laundreaux, Health Information Management; Brandee Robertson, Practical Nursing; Jeffrey Ross, Electrical Trades; Mark Stratton, Bookkeeping; Tate Underhill, Medical Laboratory Technician; Sturgis: Destiney Aga, Practical Nursing; Kyla Bauer, Medical Laboratory Technician; Alissa Desautels, Dental Assisting; Victoria Even, Allied Health; Deborah Jacobs, Business; Kyle Kienzle, Business; Michael Kinzler, Computer Aided Drafting; Christian Kotab, Computer Science – Information Technology Specialist; Brooke Niesent, Pharmacy Technician; Markee Norstegaard, Practical Nursing; Jacob O’Neill, Welding and Fabrication; Jonah Pickett, HVAC/R Technology; Vivianna Ramos, Paramedic; Peggy Taylor, Business; Jared Thaler, Computer Aided Drafting; Greg Winder, Transportation Technology; Vale: Molly Perkins, Transportation Technology; Vermillion: Jacqueline Thomas, Welding and Fabrication; Wall: Christopher Schulz, HVAC/R Technology; Celine Trask, Accounting; Webster: Tannor Popham, Computer Aided Drafting; Whitewood: Jason Mowery, Paramedic.

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