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What in the hell is going on at the Sioux San?

We are hearing complaint after complaint from people we know and trust about the total chaos now reigning at the Sioux San Hospital.

It all began when Jerilyn Church, Great Plains Tribal Health Board, teamed up with 3 Tribes to takeover 80 percent control of the hospital. Most of this was done at the outset without consultation with the Native American Community residing in Rapid City and who have been using the hospital facilities for 40 years or more. All are tribal members and most of them saw the incompetence of their own tribes in trying to run their own hospitals on their own reservations. And now they wanted to come in and run a hospital one hundred miles or more from their reservations?

They stepped in anyhow even with the local protestors fighting back. They changed the name, or partial name, to Oyate Hospital. The other 20 percent run by the Indian Health Service is still the Sioux San.

They have two pharmacies and two laboratories. How is that working out? Mass confusion to say the least.

Example: An elderly Lakota man had his doctor call the Pharmacy and place an order for a medication the man badly needs. His health and maybe even his life depends on that medication. He drove several miles to the hospital, stopped by the pharmacy and was told by a wasicu man in uniform that they just got the order and it would take a few hours to fill it. The elderly man said he would return the next day which happened to be on a Saturday. When he returned he was told by another wasicu that the order had been filled and then cancelled. Say what? He was told that the order may have gone to the pharmacy on the second floor, but it was closed until Monday. All the elderly Lakota man could do was stand there bewildered and extremely angry. If he dropped dead who would be responsible?

A news reporter from the Native Sun News Today newspaper walked around the hospital asking some of the patients how they felt things were going. All he ran into was frustration and anger. Why in the heck did the Great Plains Tribal Health Board step in to run the Sioux San when they weren’t even prepared to do so? Their partners in crime, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and the Oglala Sioux Tribe, have been no help at all. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe saw the whole thing as a potential boondock and stepped away.

And it is the long suffering residents of the Native American Community of Rapid City that are paying the price for this adventure in greed and incompetence. Employees that have worked at the San for 20 to 30 years were fired. The new hires are mostly wasicu. They should change the name of the hospital to the White San instead of the Sioux San.

We, the Lakota residents of Rapid City, beg the Indian Health Service to please step in and help us.

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