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When it comes to Biscuits & Gravy, sausage does matter

This is The Mud Hole’s philosophy. The Mud Hole of the Black Hills is located at 7 Main St. in Rapid City and has been chugging along for the last five years. But just like the name, The Mud Hole, this restaurant is a bit different than most. Well, ok, it is a lot different than most. I have been to some restaurants that have a bit of a gift shop in them, like Cracker Barrel for instance. But The Mud Hole took this to a whole new level.

Upon driving past you might think that The Mud Hole was one of the many second hand stores our fair city has to offer, and you would not be wrong in thinking that, but nowhere in town can you find old treasures alongside a big plate of Biscuits & Gravy.

Grouchy with two in tow set out last week to grab a bit of lunch. Our late favorite friend Lloyd Goings, a staple at our office until he passed early this year from Covid, swore by this place, and he knew a thing or two about eating. And since our office moved closer to downtown, we are only a few blocks from The Mud Hole.

Upon entering you get the feel of a second hand store, and when I say second hand it’s not quite what you think. Its old antique things, like old 8-tracks (had to tell my 20 something guest what an 8-track was), vintage plates, cups, and even lunch boxes. Glam baby Grouchy was in heaven with all the nick knacks.

There are several tables and booths on one side of the establishment with a large board with all the menu items you could order. You place your order at the window take a seat and they bring your fresh, hot, made-to-order to your table. Grouchy ordered the Mud Benedick, two eggs on an English muffin two sausage patties covered in Country Gravy and Hollands sauce served with Hash browns for around $7.00 Grouchy Jr. ordered a Beef Philly, with caramelized peppers, onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a toasted bun and a side of chips for $7.50, and Glam Baby Grouchy had a Mud Dog, an all-beef hot dog smothered with sloppy joe meat and topped with coleslaw and a side of chips for $7.00. With her milk our total was $26.00 that is one good deal for lunch for three.

I had my doubts with the country gravy and hollandaise sauce over my Benedict and I am a bit picky about how my eggs are cooked but they passed the test, both sauces and eggs were on point. The Philly received top raves, she said it was the best Philly she had ever had, most places only use green peppers, which I personally dislike, but the Mud Hole uses colored peppers, which gives you a sweeter taste. That’s how I make my Philly’s at home. In our household we dip our Philly’s in au ju most places don’t serve that with their Philly’s and they are one but they were very accommodating and whipped her up some. The Mud Dog according to Baby Grouchy was delish. I will say she did not like the sloppy joe meat on top, but I did, it was yummy.

The Mud Hole of the Black Hills has earned 5 plus stars, the food, the service and the atmosphere were all amazing. Next time you are downtown and looking for a good place to grab a bite give them a try. They are open Wednesday-Friday 7 AM to 1 PM and Saturday for 7 AM to 11 AM closed Sunday – Tuesday.

Until next week, stay cool and good eats.


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