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Where do tribes find powerful allies?

Iyeska journal post covid 9

Where do tribes find powerful allies?

By James Giago Davies

When we carefully scrutinize the historical record, even with a skeptical eye, we see that the United States has broken every single treaty it ever made with any tribe. This historical reality in and of itself is water under the bridge, unless tribes use past experience to temper future strategy.

“We need closure” is a flimsy excuse for dredging up past wrongs, wrongs which can only be laid on the doorstep of long dead men and their revolting policies. In order for the historical record to actually make a difference in the lives of tribal members we have to use it as a yardstick to measure the present day USA, because this is where accountability is not in question—there is no blaming history for actions taken by the federal government in our own time.

Our main enemy in traditional days was the US Army and the lying bureaucrats that negotiated treaties. The USA since that time has not changed its ways, it might even be worse. The USA lied about Spain sinking the Main to justify taking their overseas colonies, namely Cuba and the Philippines. They lied about Korea, lied about Vietnam, lied about Cambodia, lied about Granada, lied about Panama, lied about Desert Storm, lied about yellow cake uranium, lied about weapons of mass destruction, lied about Iraqi Freedom, lied about Afghanistan, lied about Syria, they then even lied about lying about all of that, but somehow—magically!—they are not lying about Ukraine.

Over the past fifty years the USA has dropped tens of thousands of bombs on brown people all over this planet, killing millions, but curiously, only on brown people who happen to occupy lands of strategic or economic value to a greedy imperialist power.

Decades ago this nation surrendered any moral high ground it ever held over any nation with which it had conflict. Yet our tribal members continue to serve as soldiers in the army of a nation that murdered their ancestors and continues to murder more people around this planet in numbers no other country or alliance can come close to matching.

Tribal leaders and activists continue to harp on dead-end grievances mostly just to validate their misery. If this country really is as bad as they think it is, and it is even worse, why would the USA ever do the right thing? They have never done the right thing by tribes. They have done to tribes exactly what they are doing to other countries full of brown people right now. Yet tribes don’t recognize this pattern of heinous imperialism, they don’t call out the USA. They have a dozen powerful potential allies overseas who would help them hold the USA’s feet to the fire, but they have no understanding or diplomatic skill to take advantage of the opportunity.

Even if they did somehow finally recognize it, they would fight with each other, and eventually derail any unified attempt to make overseas allies.

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