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Wind Cave seismographing threat

To the Editor,

The Forest Service in Hot Springs has issued a massive 46,000 acre seismographing permit in areas south of Edgemont overlaying the wind cave structure. The US Army operated the world’s largest chemical warfare agent storage and explosive decommissioning site at the Black Hills Army Depot (Igloo) from 1941-1968. Terrible lethal chemical warfare agents are stored in wind cave caverns underneath the BHAD.

Thousands of tons of these.

I served for 10 years as the Chairwoman for the Restoration Advisory Board for the potential clean-up of the BHAD from 1991 to 2001. We reviewed thousands of documents describing the dumping and storage of these weapons at the BHAD.

I have huge concerns that this seismographing project will disturb the stored weapons and cause huge toxic plumes of lethal agents to move with the winds over the area. Agents out there include sarin, soman, toban, GB, VX, phosgene, mustard, and terrible compounds recovered from the Germans at the end of WW II. These are soluble in water and oil and are generally a gas at 55°F.

As we speak the seismographing company is conducting “archeological” studies on the 46,000 acres. Actual seismographing is due to start latest case August 1, 2017. No one has contacted the tribe to my knowledge.

Susan Henderson.
susan Henderson

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