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Wishing all Veterans a peaceful holiday

While editing one of our writer’s our editor ran across a few words in one sentence that said “keep worm.” Keep worm? Of course it was meant to read keep warm, but that’s why we have editors.

Our world famous General Manager, also known Captain Kirk, made a short trip to Rosebud last week to renew old acquaintances and to check up on some of his accounts and was pleased to see that everything seems to be getting back to normal on Rosebud. He told one of his friends at Pine Ridge that everything seemed normal at Rosebud. The Oglala replied, “That would be a first.” Just can’t leave a Rosebudder and an Oglala in the same room.

Clara Caufield took a little trip to Oklahoma to cover the induction of the new appointees to the Native American Hall of Fame. Had a great time and renewed some old friendships. See story in this issue.

Jackie Giago has a huge, cement frog that was given to her when she worked at the American Furniture Store in Albuquerque for being Sales Person of the Month. The frog was totally white so Jackie painted it green. After a few years in the open weather the frog started to take on several shades of nothing. Undeterred, Jackie got out her sandpaper and spray paint, and Oila! Today the frog sits on the porch painted totally white. The green spray goes on next week.

Jackie has a passion for frogs. She has a frog on the kitchen sink that is used as a soap dish, and she has a frog she placed out in her island flower patch and at night it eyes light up. Before she closes the curtains at night she looks out at the flower island and says, “The frog’s eyes are lit up.” Tim said that he hopes she is not shopping around for anymore frogs.

We wish all veterans a restful and peaceful Veteran’s Day. Tim and Kirk are veterans and they will be having a free lunch at the Texas Roadhouse. They offer free lunches on Veteran’s Day to all veterans. What a great place. Doksa ake’.

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