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Write a letter to the President

To the Editor,

Thank you Mr. Giago for your lessons you share about History & Problems for the Great Sioux Nation.

The President’s address is easily found for you to correspond with him about anything … and seeing that he’s flaunted having Bible study, you could create for him a study guide containing all the references to what is required in keeping vows, covenants, treaties … & the punishments enforced by God when they are broken, share what He says with.

Other articles I’ve read talk about him lying & Bible references about lying…

List all your grievances & the scriptures that support what is the right thing to do…

Sign it or Open it … From The Jewish & Christian Followers in SD or Indian Country on behalf of our God – you say you serve – & our extended families … we have a contribution for your Bible Study.

I have started doing this with FRC, Tony Perkins, ACLJ, Wallbuilders is next & I put the Presidents name on it.

Keep hammering them with Truth & have Christians you know do as Dr. King ” step up & Step out” … get of you butts & get busy … doing your parts for your people.

Ms. KarenWillow” Morgan
Eagles Wing Baptist Church, SD
Three Feathers Ministries SD, AR

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