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You can’t beat the service or the food at the Mongolian Grill



There are two places to eat in Rapid City that seem to be favorites with Native Americans: The first is the Mongolian Grill and the other is Golden Corral.

Maybe it is because both places serve “all you can eat” meals. The kids seem to like Golden Corral the most, but they are starting to catch on at the Mongolian Grill.

The food at the Grill is served buffet style. When you get to the beginning of the line you see a stack of bowls on the table. They come in small, medium and large each priced separately. Big bowl, more money, small bowl less money.

When you grab a bowl and start down the line you will see vegetables in different trays. You put whatever veggie you like into your bowl and then continue down the line until you get to the different frozen meats which include pepperoni. Just keep piling it on your bowl. By the time you get to the noodles your bowl should be pretty full, but you can’t pass up the noodles so just stack some of them on top of all the other items you have crammed into your bowl.

Just keep walking down the line and there are different spices and oils in containers including hot sauce to pour over your bowls. You’ve made it to the end of the line and by then your bowl is heaping with veggies, meat and sauces.

Next you set your bowl on the counter near the large, heated grill and the cook will grab your bowl, dump it on the grill and using bamboo sticks he will push the contents of your bowl all around the grill until he considers it cooked and then with one swoop of the bamboo stick he will sweep it in one motion into your bowl. You watch this and think, “How did he do that?”

Grouchy took three family members to the Mongolian Grill and they all filled their bowls, plus drinks for a total of $44.78. Now divide that by 4 and it is pretty reasonable considering you also get a bowl of rice with the meal and you can go back to the line as often as you want.

The food is healthy and delicious. The veggies are fresh and the frozen meat melts down nicely on the grill.

The Mongolian Grill is located at 1415 N. LaCrosse Street. The dining area is spacious and clean and the service is excellent. You will probably see many people you know dining there. So stop by the Mongolian Grill and enjoy.

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