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You ‘gotta’ check out the remodeled Millstone Restaurant



The Millstone Restaurant on W. Main Street is a family place and we mean that literally. It is not unusual to have the same families have breakfast, lunch or dinner there for many years. So much so that the owner Jerry and hostess Stephanie are on a first name basis with many of their customers.

It is a place that Grouchy has frequented for many years. Grouchy loves the home atmosphere and the wonderful salad bar especially the bread pudding. But the discount meals for seniors also attracts many elders to dine there.

It was like taking away a favorite gathering place when the Millstone shut down for two weeks to remodel. Cars filled with families or elders would pull into the driveway and then drive away very disappointed that it was closed. Well, all of that is behind us now because the Millstone is open again for business.

Grouchy couldn’t wait to go in and see what changes were made during the remodeling. Grouchy was greeted by Stephanie with “Welcome home,” and that is exactly how it felt; like an old homecoming.

Grouchy and guest took a booth on their favorite side of the restaurant, the east side, and then sat back to see what all the changes were about. Well, there are new light fixtures in the form of chandeliers and all of the booths have been upgraded with new wood and fabrics and the “grazing bar” has been remodeled, but the great veggies at the bar are still familiar and still delicious. Grouchy even was greeted with a bowl of beets.

The Millstone makes all of its own desserts and so there are pies, cakes, and other pastries fresh from the kitchen. They have iced cinnamon rolls that are a meal unto themselves. But Grouchy usually enjoys so much of the regular meal that there is no room left for these wonderful pastries. Too bad!

Grouchy usually doesn’t write about the prices at the Millstone because they almost always stay the same and they are well worth the meals served there. The meatloaf specials and the Fishy Friday meals are so filling that there is no room for dessert. In fact the Fishy Friday meals are advertised as “all you can eat” and as long as you are sitting there scarfing down the cod fish, they will refill your plate anytime you ask for it.

Just to let you know the place looks terrific. It was always a nice, clean place, but with the new lights, rugs and other subtle touches, it looks like the same old Millstone except totally refreshed.

So go down to the Millstone and check out the new décor and check out their new menu which is really their old menu and enjoy some of the best home style cooking to be found anywhere in Western South Dakota.

Grouchy, as always, gives the remodeled Millstone two thumbs up and five gold stars.

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