Ashamed to be a white American

To the Editor, My name is Brenda, I want to say to you that I was just compelled to write to you. I am currently trying to find out if I am lucky enough to be a part of the Lakota. If I am not I would like to be, I am so disgusted with white Americans, especially in these days, […]

Witnessing racism first hand by Rapid City police

To the Editor, I am writing this letter to raise awareness of racism in our local communities, especially with law enforcement. My goal is to help give people a voice that don’t feel that they can make a change and for the people that are and have been discriminated against a voice in their own struggle. I am going to touch on […]

Reel Injun – ‘On the trail of the Hollywood Indian’

Recently, one of my faithful readers, Dr. Richard Belgrad, a non-Indian from Bozeman, Mont., sent me a DVD, titled “Reel Injun” produced in 2009 in Canada. This DVD is a must see for all tribal people. In my opinion, it should be required viewing for students and all Natives. As summarized on the jacket, it is “an entertaining and provocative look […]

Bridging the culture gap between elders and youth

Lakota people and perhaps even all natives in this continent are now seriously affected by a very negative lifestyle. On the whole native people have been surviving within a largely hostile environment which presumably contributed to alcoholism, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer for a significant percentage of the people. Today we are spiraling downward into a variety of social ills […]

Sometimes love isn’t enough

My friend and colleague Ernestine Chasing Hawk grew up in an iyeska environment similar to my own, and she boiled what was missing in our world down to a single word—kindness.Understanding the difference between kindness and love is critical to how we live our life. I decided decades ago that love is what is missing in the Lakota world. Neither […]

Children from LaPlante perform Grand Finale with Peter Yarrow

PIEDMONT ––  Kristen Graves, works with Simply Smiles, an organization working on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in the community of LaPlante. Simply Smiles has been working on the reservation for the last five years building up the community center, building homes, and running summer camp activities for children as well as community based activities for the entire town.“While I’m there […]

Cheyenne River tribal member recognized by foundation

RAPID CITY –– South Dakota School of Mines & Technology senior Vaughn Vargas has been named a 2015 Hawkinson Foundation Scholar. One of seven Midwest students recognized for their peace and justice initiatives, Vargas was honored for his work reducing poverty in Native American communities and enhancing relationships between Indian and non-Indian community members.A member of the Cheyenne River Sioux […]

Half of 32 Indian University of North America students attending USD

VERMILLION, S.D. — Half of the 32 students who attended the 2015 Indian University of North America at Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills are studying at or plan to attend the University of South Dakota. The partnership between USD and the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation offers an eight-week summer program at the memorial in which students, most of them […]