Native POP leading the way

Native POP has, over the last half-decade, become a premier Indigenous Arts Event in Rapid City and the Black Hills of South Dakota. There’s long been a “desire for a high-quality native art market,” says Peter Strong, member of the organizational committee. With over 40 artists participating across myriad mediums, this event certainly satiates.   Born as the Gathering of […]

Red Fawn sentenced

Defense won’t appeal ruling

  PART II BISMARCK, N. D. – Oglala Lakota tribal member Red Fawn Fallis, a self-proclaimed water protector, faces nearly three more years in federal prison, after her sentencing here July 11, for an officer-involved weapons discharge incident at the frontlines of the 2016-2017 conflict over Dakota Access Pipeline construction. Appearing before North Dakota U.S. District Chief Judge Daniel Hovland, […]

“Dirty Little Secrets”

Abortion in America: Re-enforcing the stigma

  PART I   Abortion. Few words incite so much emotion, or conflict. Though abortion has been legal in the United States for nearly fifty years, there is still much debate about it, and much shame associated with it. But just because it is legal, doesn’t mean it is easily accessible to everyone. And just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean […]