Separating the chaff from the wheat

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is in the process of revising their constitution.  One of the issues that will be addressed is Separation of Powers.  Let’s take a short look back into the not so distant past to see what occurred when this issue was placed on the ballots.   In about the year 2008 the Oglala’s were offered an opportunity […]

Welfare: Farmers, ranchers and Indians

  Kristi Noem (R-SD) is running to become the next governor of South Dakota. And yet she has just voted in favor of a bill that will have a drastic impact upon the Native American population of the State. From the Mitchell Daily Republic: The House has voted to cut nearly $4 billion a year from food stamps, a 5 […]

5 types of domestic violence overlooked

  Most people know of domestic violence as physical violence—pushing, slapping, hitting or strangling—all stirring images of bruises and black eyes in our minds. While there is no doubt physical violence is a traumatic type of relationship violence, people tend to forget the other abuse types, which can make it difficult to recognize when it’s happening.   For Native Americans, […]

Boarded-up homes tell the story of Meth

  WAGNER – A conference on meth took place on the Yankton Sioux Tribe last week and brought concerned tribal members together with those working hard to combat this devastating drug. The 2018 Meth Awareness Initiative took place in Wagner on July 24-26 at the Armory building and was sponsored by the Yankton Sioux Tribe Law Enforcement. As part of […]

Horse Nation to the rescue

  WAGNER – During the 2018 Meth Awareness Initiative in Wagner last week, a panel of four former meth addicts and dealers talked about the struggles of their addiction, incarceration, loss and recovery. One of the panelists was an Isanti Dakota woman who has been helped in her recovery by the horse she was gifted by a man who has […]

He knows Indian Country

Billie Sutton: Democratic for Governor

  RAPID CITY—Now that the primaries are over, and the field for South Dakota governor is whittled down to two candidates, the authoritarian conservative, Kristi Noem, and the moderate progressive, Billie Sutton, folks in Lakota country might be wondering where the candidates stand when it comes to Indian issues. Traditionally, the South Dakota GOP has not been our friend. The […]