Land Buy Back

Self-sabotage in the name of supremacy

To the Editor, The United States of America runs on a legal system NOT a justice system. That is the plight of Chase Iron Eyes, one of the water protectors. (I just read a story about him in Native Sun News Today (Aug. 28-Sept. 3) On a most basic level the contextualizing of peoples experiences, and the perspective from which […]

Sioux San: A matter of life and death

When the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board began its incursion to take control of the Indian Health Service Hospital in Rapid City, a hospital known as the Sioux San by Rapid City’s long time Lakota residents, it was almost comical the way they went about it, but it is no longer a bit funny; it is now a matter […]

Thoughts on aging

I haven’t been up to writing lately for many personal reasons. I am going to write about old age and experiencing getting older. As a kid I use to be afraid of old people. I remember I was about five years old and my parents and I went to the Linehan store in Oglala on the Pine Ridge Reservation. There […]

This world has fuzzy edges

Too often people figure if one thing is true, then some other thing must necessarily be false. No matter how reasonably or sensibly you try to reason with them about that, it generally falls on deaf ears. This kind of thinking is extremely common in Lakota country, which is why I bring it up, and both are stumbling blocks that […]

Lightning postpones game at Lead/Deadwood

DEADWOOD— Lightning lit up the skies over Deadwood Friday night, postponing the game until Monday at 5 p m., with Lead/Deadwood leading the Pine Ridge Thorpes, 24-0, at the half. The Thorpes were playing physical football, but the running and pass receiving of talented senior Jordy Stulken could not be contained. The Douglas at Sturgis game was also stopped with […]

Sheridan, Wyoming: Border Town

Part II This week continues the Sheridan, WY border town commentary. Fast forward to the present Walmart, as we know, has become an absolute necessity to many Americans, though I boycott that chain for several reasons: it has single-handedly destroyed the economy of many local Ma and Pop businesses; while it does hire many seniors, the chain favors part-time (less […]

Lakota Wakinyapi (Prophecies) must be heeded

A Wakinyapi (wakan iyapi, (to speak mystifyingly) is basically a prediction of an event (s) in the future by a Wakan Iyeska (Spiritual Interpreter). According to Christian definitions, a prophecy is a divine revelation communicated through angels and visions or mental guidance. Both allude to the revelation that messages from the higher power are received by earthly prophets. A prophet […]

All Nations week three

PINE RIDGE— Four teams were considered to be at the top of the All Nations Football Conference (ANFC): Crow Creek, Red Cloud, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, Lower Brule, in that order. Week three would help clarify the picture. Red Cloud mercy-ruled Cheyenne-Eagle Butte in dramatic fashion, 58-6, with no time left on the halftime clock, when Riyen Carlow lobbed a pass into […]

Why Americans celebrate the ‘Founders’

We in the western world are great celebrators of our “founders” as a way to embrace our beginnings. Americans can’t resist it. Indeed, on a main avenue here in Rapid City a Founder’s Day Park Area is a popular gathering place. It is a way of making history and providing homage to the kind of images we can endure. Recently, […]