Bradley Bill died because of a lack of unity

Where is the Lakota leadership? There is nearly 2 billion dollars in the Black Hills Settlement Fund. The Settlement was made in 1981 and the accrued interest has been building since… That was 40 years ago. But 40 years later the people say “The Black Hills are not for sale.” Here is the history of one U. S. senator trying […]

Construction finished with American Indian Student Center

BROOKINGS – Construction is complete on South Dakota State University’s American Indian Student Center. The center, which has more than 12,000 square feet, is located on the north end of the Rotunda Green in the area between Abbott Hall and Harding Hall. “The new and improved AISC is great for all Indigenous youth because it makes students feel a part […]

Trump’s niece paints a horrible picture of her Uncle Donald

Things were bad enough after three years of Donald Trump and many of us thought it couldn’t get worse. Ooops! Sorry! Because along came a Covid-19 pandemic that has really put the screws to everything. And the pretender sitting in the Oval Office said it as a “hoax.” It would have been prophetic if Trump had been forced to go […]

A “Shout Out” to the Crow Agency I.H.S. Hospital

As citizens, we love to complain about government, National, State, local and for Indians our favorite target is the Tribal Council, often easy pickings. Along with that, there is the B.I.A. and Indian Health Service, which affects each of us personally and nearly all our relatives. There are many I.H.S. horror stories and a great deal of frustration with this […]