100 year history of landmark fight for the Black Hills

  RAPID CITY— Over the last half century history has been rewritten to reflect a change in tribal sentiment over the Black Hills. The Black Hills are not for sale. That is what most tribal members say, and most news stories reflect that sentiment and ignore the actual history. An April 28, 1980 Washington Post article appeared just three months […]

OST Okays legal action against BLM

PINE RIDGE – The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has authorized legal action in response to a federal Bureau of Land Management decision allowing oil-and-gas fracking on a 1.5-million-acre swatch of unceded Ft. Laramie Treaty territory in Wyoming, the Native Sun News Today learned Jan. 6. The BLM denied all of the tribe’s arguments, as well as those of the Great […]

Hundreds rally against Minnesota pipeline

PALISADE, Minn. — Hundreds gathered near the banks of the Mississippi River in northern Minnesota on Jan. 9 to oppose the construction of Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement oil pipeline. The construction route extends from Canada’s Alberta tar-sands oilfields to Superior, Wisc., cutting across wetlands here. “Today is to pray and to raise awareness. Our governor isn’t doing anything to stop […]

It is time to say ‘enough is enough’

How in the heck can we write an editorial strong enough to address the absolute nonsense that took place in Washington D. C. last week? The Nation’s Capitol was seized and members of Congress threatened by thugs and rioters after encouragement by Donald S. Trump. A rope was hung from a pillar in front of the Capitol building and a […]

The price of following a moron

South Dakotans, at least many of them, pride themselves for living in a Red State. After what happened in Washington D. C. on January 6, this disaster should take a little glow from that pride. The majority of South Dakotans voted for Donald Trump 4 years ago and then re-upped their support in 2020. By putting this moron in office […]

That time Big Foot fought space aliens

Let’s take a look at the fear check list

People love finding something to get scared about. There are many genuine threats in life, deadly threats, nuclear war being the number one threat. We have had fear of nukes conditioned out of us, though. When I was a boy, after talking about it at school, watching a film, after drills where we got under our desks and scrunched down […]

Horse traders, used car salesmen and politicians

There was a time in the west when horse traders, used car salesmen and politicians were lumped into the same category. That is, dubious characters who often stretched the truth, were in the game for their own benefit in the process violating the codes of the west that call for honesty, fairness and trustworthiness. Now, in these days when democracy […]

Taking a centralized government back a piece at a time

Why is the Pine Ridge Reservation so poverty-stricken? Also, why are a majority of voters not participating in the Indian Reorganization Act system of government? Compared to when our ancestors were sovereign, the poverty level (15.6%) and the “dishonesty” under this new system sticks out like a sore thumb. Yet, this reality is ignored as a minority of elected officials […]

Here come the Condons

EAGLE BUTTE – Chet Condon, a fifth-generation descendant of Chief Hump, began playing basketball in the 1950’s on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. Condon’s ability to play fast-paced and high-scoring basketball set him as a leader during his high school years while playing for the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves. He would go on to lead them to a South Dakota State […]

Swallow brothers big factor in Cobbler success

Both brothers step up their game v Pierre

RAPID CITY— It is tough working your way up the ladder at a Class AA basketball program. The coaches generally know years in advance who their best prospects are because many of their top players give every indication they will be a top player even when they are 13-14 years old. These pipelines vary in strength but they are all […]