It is time to boycott South Dakota

The Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, keeps digging a deeper hole for herself because she is thinking only about herself. When the State was offered Medicaid she turned it down even though 40,000 South Dakotans do not have medical insurance. And now she just signed a bill that would ban transgirls for girls’ sports at a high school and […]

Shooters Wood Fire Grill

  By Grouchy After a long day at work Grouchy was famished, it was Good Friday and Grouchy didn’t feel like cooking, so off to Shooters I went. It was early around 4:30 so they were not too busy, Grouchy was seated in the bar area. The restaurant was nice and clean, given everything over the past year with the […]

Rapid City roads are a cause for “road rage”

The National Football League has played out the season, but as our master sports columnist, Kirk Dickerson, is finding out, season or not there is still plenty of horse trading and other activities going on the make the NFL almost a year-around story. You will see his End Zone column in this week’s paper. James Giago Davies has been covering […]

The Way It Was

This is the girl’s high school class of Holy Rosary Mission (Red Cloud) in 1949. All of the girls had to wear matching uniforms back then. Many of them have since passed away and those remaining are in the 80s. (Photo courtesy of Tim Giago collection)

Where have the Native distance runners gone?

By James Giago Davies, Native Sun News Today Sports Editor HERMOSA—It has been 57 years since Billy Mills won his gold medal at 10,000 meters in Tokyo, and for two decades before he ran, and for over four decades after he ran, Native runners were the dominant force in South Dakota distance running. That is no longer the case. It […]

Remembering the meaning of Tribalism

It was a chilly day when my daughter and I found ourselves on the road which leads to the Indian camp west of town. It is called a survival camp for “homeless” Indians. We drove past multi-colored flags with names like Sicangu, Oglala, Ihanktowan, and Santee and pulled into a clearing where we found a number of people sitting next […]

The “South” has returned

By Ivan Star Comes Out Native Sun News Correspondent Why are Republican voters, politicians, and the far right groups behaving like they’ve lost their ability to think and behave in a humane and rational manner? Their obvious hatred and violence seem to be guided by some sort of abnormal mental condition, like unresolved trauma from childhood resulting in deep-seated feelings […]

Denying its own citizens the right to vote is wrong

By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji – Stands Up For Them) In a recent column I wrote about voter suppression on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Some respondents wanted to know more. So I will expand a little on what the column addressed. The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has deemed it that if you are a member of the Tribe, but you […]