Tribal police can detain non-tribal suspects, Supreme Court rules

WASHINGTON – Tribal police have the authority to detain non-Natives traveling through reservation land if the officer has a reasonable belief that the suspect violated state or federal law, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The unanimous ruling overturned lower courts that said a Crow police officer should not have held a nontribal member who was found to have drugs and weapons in his truck. […]

‘Oceti Sakowin’ cut from South Dakota curriculum

RAPID CITY—Across the country conservative groups are working to eliminate or gloss over the darker aspects of American history from education textbooks. That movement has now made itself felt in South Dakota with the recent editing by the South Dakota Department of Education (DOE) of critically important references to the Oceti Sakowin from social studies curriculum. Many are laying the […]

Fort Belknap Indian Community challenges DEQ over ending ‘bad actor’ lawsuit

The Fort Belknap Indian Community and a coalition of environmental nonprofit groups said this week they plan to sue the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for failing to uphold its duties under the Metal Mine Reclamation Act. In a filing August 2 in Lewis and Clark County District Court, the groups said they were “disappointed” by DEQ’s recent decision not to label Hecla president […]

2021 Sturgis Rally tally

STURGIS—Final vehicle traffic counts from the South Dakota Department of Transportation for vehicles entering Sturgis for the 81st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Aug. 6-15, 2021, have been tallied.    Traffic counts at nine locations entering Sturgis for the 2021 Rally are as follows:   Friday, Aug. 6:  55,326 entering  Up 11.0% from Friday last year Down 13.2% from the 75th […]

Covid-19 update

PIERRE—With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally just ending and schools beginning, many South Dakotans are worried about increased Covid-19 cases. The South Dakota Department of Health’s daily Covid-19 numbers show a steady increase in active cases.   As of August 18, the South Dakota Department of Health’s daily COVID-19 update showed 357 new confirmed cases in the state, bringing the total […]


Listen up, Republican “girlie men”.  The Republican former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger made the following public statement directed at you foolish, selfish, anti-science folks during a televised interview on CNN on August 11, 2021:      “I think people should know there is a virus here, it kills people.  And the only way we prevent it is we get vaccinated, we […]

The Way It Was

A solar panel on every reservation home

One of the costliest expenses for the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation is the cost of heating their homes in the winter and keeping them cool in the summer. Some residents have wood burning stoves or fireplaces and their biggest problem is finding the wood to burn. Others use propane tanks and then there are those homes that only […]

Reservation Dogs: Season 1, Episode 1

“F-----n Rez Dogs”

The new FX series ‘Reservation Dogs’ streaming on Hulu is giant step forward for Indian Country. There has been a gleaming spotlight on Native American artists showcasing their abilities to bring a show into mainstream media. The show follows four teenage friends growing up on an Oklahoman reservation, facing similar struggles as one would here in South Dakota reservations like […]