Awaiting the Indian Messiah

Part three of a series

Teachings about a Messiah that will come to save the human race from inevitable self-destruction and regenerate the earth, ushering in a time of peace and harmony with the creator and all creation is as ancient as the Bible itself. So, during the late 1800’s when word of a messiah spread throughout Indian Country it found an eager audience as […]

Foster youth voices matter in South Dakota

PIERRE – In South Dakota, we value the voices of youth and young adults who are or have been in foster care. Their lived experience is important and can have a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of future children in foster care. This October, South Dakota Child Protection Services and Young Voices, a youth advocacy group […]

SkasdiCon celebrates Native comic book scene

  TAHLEQUAH, OK. – Cherokee Nation is celebrating Native perspective and influence within the comic book scene with its first-ever Indigenous comic convention, SkadiCon. The family-friendly event is slated for Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Northeastern State University in the University Center Ballroom at 612 N. Grand Ave. It is free to attend. “SkasdiCon is providing […]

What is Halloween?

  Its origins remain a bit murky, but traces can be identified in ancient Celtic festivals, early Roman Catholic holidays, medieval practices and even British politics. Samhain, known now as Halloween, was originally called “All Hallows Eve”, is celebrated on October 31 to follow the traditions of Samhain that is celebrated November 1 to honor all Saints. The celebration marks […]

Ute tribe upset at Biden Administration

CAMP HALE, UT— President Biden designated a new National Monument in the middle of the Ute Indian Tribe’s traditional homelands without tribal consultation and including the Tribe in the management of these lands.  The Tribe and its elected leaders were even excluded from the event taking place on their homelands.  Surrounded by forests, mountains, and towns named after the Tribe […]

Wall opens post season with win over Stanley County

WALL—Top seeded undefeated Wall will have home field advantage throughout the 9AA playoffs and they hosted 3-5 Stanley County last Thursday. The weather was perfect, the fans were dialed in, and the Eagles did not disappoint, mercy ruling Stanley County, 58-8. The Buffaloes are a young team and they had the jitters on their opening possession. They fumbled once, lost […]

West River schools shine at state cross country meet

HURON—Despite being only one of two teams to have three top ten finishers, the Red Cloud Girls cross country team placed fourth at the Class A Cross Country State Championship in Huron last Saturday. Sioux Falls Christian easily won the team championship with 30 points. Their top finisher was freshman Natalie Smith who placed second in a time of 18:44.53 […]

NSNT endorses Smith and Bengs

There was a time Indian Country just endorsed the Democrat. He may not have supported the tribes on key areas of interest, but he was a far better choice than the Republican, the party all the Indian haters seemed to call their own. Whether this was ever true, it was the perception. But if you study history you see that […]

How easy to become homeless

As a columnist and journalist, I have penned several stories about the plight of homeless people, targeting urban Indians, especially during my brief sojourn in Rapid City where most people in that plight are Native Americans, mostly Sioux. During that time, I felt much compassion and concern, hoping to do what I could as a journalist to bring attention to […]

If you care about affordable health care, vote for Bengs

Dear Editor, As an R.N. and health educator, I believe access to affordable health care is a right. Our current U.S. Senators in South Dakota and representative do not. They consistently vote against health-related bills, such as the Affordable Care Act, the PAC Act for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, the Right to […]