The Way it was

Groundbreaking American Indian lawyer Ramon Roubideaux Ramon Roubideaux, an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, was the first American Indian to be a private practice attorney in the state of South Dakota. Before his legal career Roubideaux was in the Air Force and was commissioned 1st Lieutenant and awarded the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and three battle […]

Disappointed at the Great Wall

Grouchy had already ordered take out from Pacific Rim when she received a call from her daughter that the rest of the family was going out to dinner and invited Grouchy to join them. Grouchy’s daughter was trying to decide on a place to enjoy dinner with the kids and decided to go to a place that had a longstanding […]

Memorial Day weekend kicks off tourist season in the Black Hills

Memorial Day Weekend: Free fishing, family gatherings and remembering fallen love ones was the highlight of the week for the Native Sun News staff. Everyone looks forward to having the holiday off. It is one of the few times the staff at Native Sun News can relax and enjoy. According to reports, air travel was up by 23% over this […]

Brady joins Raiders ownership

It is great to see your favorite teams back out on the field for Offseason Training Activities or OTA’s. Light pads and workout drills were in place throughout the league. It was also an opportunity to review rookie draft talents. Number one pick QB Bryce Young was given plenty of media coverage so far in OTA’s. However, we are still […]

Carlow comes from behind to win tight 300 hurdles

SIOUX FALLS—For Indian Country, the highlight of the 2023 State Track Meet at Howard Wood field will always be Red Cloud’s Ashlan Carlow’s stunning come-from-behind victory in the Girls 300 Hurdles. Mount Vernon/Plankinton’s Reagan Rus bolted far out in front of the field over the first 200 meters, using the speed that would win her the gold in the 100 […]

Veteran’s Classic promises terrific matchups

RAPID CITY—During May, high school graduations cut into the Legion baseball schedule and so teams tend to take a weeklong break. A good opportunity to assess where teams are after a month of play. Rapid City Christian won the Boys Class A High School Championship, in only the second year of their program. Several of those players could beef up […]

A Native American felon speaks again

Greetings to those who read these concerns. I speak here today on the hardships of what a Native American felon goes through while he or she is in the system. Examples are dealing with loneliness and not being able to have money sent in from family to buy commissary or hygiene products. Some Native Americans come into the system with […]

Montana Governor Gianforte vetoes two Indian bills

Don’t know why we are so surprised, but Gianforte, the extremely conservative “Trumpeter-style” Governor of Montana has vetoed two bills important to tribal people. Most people in Montana assume that tribal people are a financial drain on the state, needing welfare, food stamps and other benefits.  However, they fail to consider the amount of federal funding which is transferred to […]

Understanding the romanticized imagery of Indians

Sociology professors may never figure out the attitude white folks in the Upper Midwest have toward Indians. Whether they love or hate Indians, these emotions are fundamentally different than similar emotions for other minority groups, and their expression is fundamentally different. Even an avowed racist will occasionally say something like, “My grandmother was half Cherokee.” His racism against Indians is […]

Open the door and air out the room

People sometimes ask me why I write the way I do, and there might be as many reasons as there are columns, but the best answer is I refuse to dumb myself down to the tenor of these misguided times. I will not cut mediocre people peddling themselves off as great minds any slack, and they are in disheartening overabundance, […]